There's always a lighthouse! A bit distorted due to swelling but that's half the sleeve done and can't wait for the top half ☺️☺️ Love getting to do this style!

I modelled, sculpted and painted up my character from dnd! Painting miniatures is were I started really pushing art and it's so nice to get back into it ☺️

Thank you Rissa for coming into to get these pieces! Full of personal meaning and I loved getting to 'dress' the #Pokemon up

@suskitattoos got to finish this #bioshock section of this leg sleeve! Can't wait to continue to this leg and would love to do more in this style! . . . #melbournetattoo #tattooartist #nerdtattoo #gamingtattoo #colourtattoo #inked #legtattoo #colour #suski #suskitattoos #supportartists #neotraditionaltattoo #neotrad #legsleeve #art #reborn

#VincentValentine from #Finalfantasy for Shane! Was such a fun piece and I can wait to continue adding to this arm! Thank you so much for the amazing sit dude ✌️✌️

This one is for next week! I rarely post designs up but I would love to more larger scale anime pieces like this! Get at me if you're looking to get your favourite character in an epic piece ✌️✌️ Currently booking September

Getting a bunch more progress on @dmonte.j #lionking arm! Can't wait for more work on this one!

Got to connect this piece up on the weekend and am so stoked with the result! #batman and #joker both healed thank you so much Jack you're a legend ✌️✌️ Please more in this style! I love getting to do this stuff

Thank you to @videogametatts for sharing my #bioshock piece! It means a lot dude ✌️✌️

Cancellation next Thursday the 19th would love to do a little Pokemon banger or small anime piece! Email [email protected] with the subject cancellation to enquire This is my last booking until September so get in quick and there's a good rate in it right for a fun piece ✌️✌️

More DBZ manga panels for Brad!

Splicer from #bioshock on @roryships

Video of this #omanyte on @cassplayspokemon

@suskitattoos here's the start of the bottom half of the #disney sleeve! Can't wait to work on the top half ☺️☺️ . . . #melbournetattoo #tattoo #tattooink #disneytattoo #lionking #tattoosleeve #newschool #supportartists #inked #suskitattoos #neotraditionaltattoo

[Not by me] My good friend, dungeon master and all round mad dog @psychocyclops tattooed me today! She killed it and I got to play a bunch of Pokemon so today was pre good ✌️✌️ You guys should follow her if you're not already!

The start of a rad Pokemon piece on @jessejsquarejames #charizard done #Lugia next ✌️✌️