I LOVE this color SO much!!!! That blue/purple shimmer in it is 💣 !!!! #sinfulcolors #coralriff #nails #notd #nailsoftheday #nailsofinstagram

I got a bed with your name on it 💕🧜‍♀️

Long, natural beauties!✨ @sni1908 got her long natural nails cut down a bit, filled in, and topped off with one of my fave neutrals @opi Put It In Neutral! ( Is it ok to be jealous of your clients? She’s making me miss my long nails 😫😫😫😪) #Nails #notd #crissyshinednails #nailart #nailfashion #nailsoftheday #instanails #hairnailsdiary #iloveyournails #nailartoohlala #nailartaddict #nailartfeature #tipsymm #instagood #manicure #polish #pretty #nailstagram #naildesign #nailartclub #nailartjunkie #nailideas #raleighnails #nailtech

As you all know, I do everything myself around here, but you see... We’ve had a tragedy! I broke a nail!!!😫 The HORROR!!! We need a moment of silence! 🙏🏼——————————————————— Well it seems in my hour of grief I need to turn to you guys!! I have an amazing collection coming out in August! So it’s coming fast! If you are a part of our Facebook fan page you already know, and have read the story, and seen the videos!😉 It’s groundbreaking, and never been done before, it’s already being copied I’m sure!😂 I have accomplished the first ever pastel multichomes!! I have spent two years trying to make these a reality! I need great swatchers to really show it off! I don’t care about the following just the photos, and/or videos! If you’d like to help me out I would love to see your work! Hashtag a swatch and/or video of yours with #popswatchsearch (multichrome swatches please.)😉 BTW, I am open to international swatchers! Will ya help a sister out? What will you get in return? Well free polish, I’ll send a couple or the whole set, and they ain’t cheap! (These babies were expensive to make!!) Not to mention my undying love, and appreciation!!😘 The ladder is not destashable... 😉😂 What do ya say? PRETTY PLEASE!!🙏🏼

Blush beauties for your Thursday💐How good are fresh flowers!?😍🤩RG @boutierre_girls