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Yesterday was a hard parenting day for me. A day that included tears, grace, forgiveness, thoughts I never thought I would have, and repentance. I found it hard to have empathy in the moments I needed to have it most. Trauma does not equal easy parenting. This space right here is my sanctuary every morning when I get to sit and soak in that His mercies are new every day. See, lately, I have been working on something that I'm finding is literally changing me little by little. However, I have never been a patient person. Like most people I love instant gratification. I hate going through the hard and days of "no fruit" even though I know it leads to green grass, grace, and fulfillment. I find so many parallels in this space. I know you've heard a million times about caring for flowers, plants, pruning, cultivating. But it couldn't be more true for me in this space. Truth-I've has a hard time keeping plants alive. I want to buy them full and beautiful and then do nothing to maintain their beauty. Most of my flowers have been knocked out by hail and or almost killed from no water or sun. Until I decided to care for this space like it was my sanctuary. Cutting back flowers, losing rose petals that were once beautiful. Painful for this inpatient girl! But slowly, I started learning about how to care for them. Then one morning I find myself sitting in peace, noticing the growth, the green, the long growing leaves, and finally blooms again. It makes me weep! Sounds so silly! But this is me! I have made a decision every morning right when I wake, to choose joy no matter what. Do I mess up and get angry?! Yep! Do I go back to that decision I made at 6:00 am? Yep! Over and over again, this decision to choose joy even in the hard is changing me! My boy, who has so much hurt in his heart is changing who I am! But I had to make a decision and make that decision a thousand times a day. To see the fruit, the blooms, the beauty starting to appear makes the pruning and the waiting worth every minute. Sometimes I have to cut it back and it seems like I'm starting over, but knowing the results will be more fullness from that step back, keeps me going.

Not really into bathroom selfies but I just wanted to share that hard work and dedication pays off post-baby! I can’t stand when people say “it’s genetic” or “you’re lucky”, it’s commitment and my love for fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I am surely not perfect but wanted to share with moms that it is possible to meet your goals if you just keep working. Happy Saturday! 💪🏼😘👶🏼 #love #fitness #motivation #mom #fitmom #dedication

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