Part: 11 Harry’s POV: I know I shouldn’t be making out with my sister’s best friend, but I’ve always had a crush on you since we were little. Then I moved and I became a wild child I never imagine coming home and still having this crush on you. I pulled my mouth from your neck bringing my fingers up to the fresh purple bruise. “Your gonna have to cover this up.” “You think.” You stuck your tongue out at me, I smirked at you. “Can I tell you something beautiful?” “Yes.” I reposition myself on my bed pulling your back to my chest. “I’ve liked you forever.” “Awe that’s cute I’ve liked you too.” “But to be honest I’m not looking for a relationship.” “Okay, so what do you want.” “Just to be friend’s with benefits.” You sat up removing yourself from my body. “So you just want me for my body. You think I would ruin my friendship just for dick. Your funny I’m good clearly I’m stuck in some fantasy.” You stood up heading towards the door. “She’s not coming back tonight.” “What.” “She’s staying at I think her name is Charlotte.” Immediately you rolled your eyes, “Why? I literally can’t stand that Bitch.” “Well your both mad at each other so she left.” “Whatever I’m going to call her.” With that you left my room. //