Managed to get this big sailor woman outlined on @chloetup cheers pallll definately my biggest piece cant wait to finish it im a few weeks. On the left is my original drawing and on the right is the tattoo 👍 check the rest of the lads @tattoosbycallum @leonwalker_tattoo @klptattoo @blackcrafttattoo @killa_coombes @craigwilsontattoos @guapamilagrosa @walker_bct

This genuinely has taken alot to do this. Am I ripped? No. Am I fat? Also no. For years I hated myself when I looked in the mirror. Constantly saying, I'm a fat ugly pathetic loser, and you know what? Fuck that. Imma learn to love me, and if I don't like something I will change it on my own terms. Now, if I can be proud of myself, with years fighting my own demons, you can be proud of yourself too, learn to love yourself before loving anyone else. You the only one who's got your back 100% of the time. Take pride in yourself kid, life gets a lot easier that way. #guyswithpiercings #guyswithstretchedears #guyswithbeards #guyswithtattoos #inspirational #goodvibes

Instead of preacher curls try spinning the pad and really feel the concentration of the bicep #armworkout #guns #gym #gains #armedanddangerous #lift #fitness #tattoo #guyswithtattoos

Another day... another day smiling! 😊💎 . A smile is the most silent yet most powerful way to express positivity in you life!!! I can finally say..... Jake is on his way back!! 😆😆

Why is this car so big?🚘