I did an rs test today

After a few minutes, Luke slowly stirred awake, slightly startled by the weight in his arms. Ellie, still absolutely terrified of hurting her father, quickly crawled away from him and jumped off the bed, running to the safety of grandpa Niall’s arms. “Hey champ.” He called out to his son, graciously accepting the presence of his granddaughter sitting in his lap. “Do you remember any of us?” Darcy asked hopefully, putting her hand on top of Luke’s. Luke looked at her, tears filled in his eyes, and softly took his hand away. “Yeah. I remember you.” He replied quietly, rubbing his eyes. He scanned around the room with great difficulty, unable to see without his glasses. “Here. Maybe these will help.” Darcy offered, putting his broken glasses on his face, his sight tremendously improving. “Oh. Yeah. I remember a lot of you. Vague memories, but not any of your names or how i know you.” He said apologetically, running his hands through his hair. “Do you remember any of these littler guys?” Harry asked, gesturing towards the twins and Everett, who was currently sitting in his grandfathers tattooed arms. Ellie cautiously jumped out of her grandfathers arms and hopped up onto his hospital bed, staying at the foot of the bed to avoid accidentally yanking on the IVs. “Ummm...” Luke paused for a moment, looking between his sons and daughter. “I remember these two.” He said, gesturing towards Evan and Everett. “I’m sorry, love, but I don’t remember anything about you.” He said with a sad sigh, looking at his daughter as her eyes widened and flooded with tears. - - #imsecretlymarcel_darcylukeimagine - -