• No Dice • As in: no luck. As in: just hard work. Today marks my 500th post and cinemagraph on this account since I started it around three years ago. It doesn’t seem like much in terms of posts, but it’s a milestone because of what it represents in terms of the amount of work I’ve put into my cinemagraphs. In three years I’ve probably created 2000-3000 cinemagraphs, concepts and attempts at making good work. Some of it was awful, which was never posted, some of it redundant, some of it just ok – and I’ve posted some of them too – and then some that I’m really proud of. But most of them have taken a lot of time and experimentation, so shots like this one – which took about 12 hours to make – reminds me that I’m slowly working towards my 10,000 hours, although this is far more complex than other ones that can take 2-4hrs. As time’s gone by and I’ve picked up more clients, I’m reminded that part of where I am with my work, is because of people who’ve supported, encouraged and engaged with me and my work, and for that I’d like to thank each and everyone who’s stopped by to take a moment and comment, like or ask a question. So thanks for all the love and support, and I’ll continue to push and work away to make more cool content. Sometimes we’re blinded by people who just seem to ‘make it’ on social, with tons of followers and crazy influence, but I’m always humbled to be able to have a platform where I can share my work, and grow and interact and get to know other creators – and that’s what’s important to keep in mind. Have a good week everyone! ✌️

Custom framing shells found at the beach feels like a great way to remember all my favourite summer weekend moments I had ! 🐚 🐚 🐚 #custompictureframing #customframing #bhomemoncton #downtownmoncton

You are so much more than you even know x Pic via @unrefined_healthandwellness

Sometimes you need red lipstick and a smile to start your day and c r u s h it . Working on the website and doing an intensive update on sports nutrition to start September with a bang and give you and my clients top notch content to upgrade your life and mindset. #nevernotlearning Also busy, working on a 3 day beauty detox for you guys so stay tuned, details follow soon {promise} . . Love ;anNa 💋 . . . . . #nutrition #mindset #meditation #sportsnutrition #modelnutrition #cellreprogramming #rejuvenation #detox #mindfuck #activelifestyle #foodforthought #zen #zenhabits #zenful #zenfulmoments #highquality #forthededicated #warriormindset #warriormodeON #levelupyourgame #strongbody #strongmind #beauty #beautygoals #bodygoals #noBS #yoga #yogaeveryday #meditationeveryday

A, B or C? Logo for a start-up catering firm. . . . . . . . . Need a logo, brand? DM me and let's tell your story! @naijadesigners @designnigeria @logoinspirations @logoxpose @logoshift @logobo0k @graphicallyawesome

H A P P Y M O N D A Y ~ Y E S / N O ⠀ Maandag...yes hij is er! Ja, de kids zijn naar de crèche en BSO en ik ben vanochtend meteen aan de slag gegaan. Ik heb zin in deze week! ⠀ +⠀ Hoe ziet jouw week er uit? Zin om aan het werk te gaan of weet je niet hoe snel je weer terug onder de dekens moet kruipen? Of wil je je het liefst verstoppen omdat je hoofd zo vol zit😵 Vol met vragen die je 24/7 bezig houden? Die jou niet loslaten...⠀ +⠀ Wat doe je met zulke vragen? Laat je ze in je hoofd rondzoemen of ga je over tot actie? ⠀ +⠀ Tot voor kort liet ik ze eindeloos 'rondlopen' in mijn hoofd. My head was een soort van hotel voor heel veel en soms irritante vragen...O wat hebben ze het af en toe 'gezellig' zo met al die vragen onder elkaar 🤸⠀ +⠀ Sinds ik Art Based Learning heb ontdekt, heb ik een manier gevonden om die vragen uit mijn hoofd te krijgen...hup naar buiten...doei! En kom ik zelf sneller in de actie-modus. Heus niet altijd is deze actie dé oplossing, maar het is wel het begin van een nieuwe weg...een nieuw avontuur...soms eng, maar vaak tegelijkertijd super tof en brengt het me weer mooie dingen op mijn pad. Zo fijn om dat zelf in gang te kunnen zetten! 🙏⠀ +⠀ In Augustus heb ik nog een paar data staan voor some mooie Art Based Learning adventures...Ga jij mee? Uit je hoofd...en naar het museum? Vergeet je persoonlijke vraag niet mee te nemen hè...⠀ +⠀ ♡Roumayne⠀ #lerenvankunst

• The Opportunist ride the bike to do what she wants, without thinking... • The Nihilist refuse to see what's going on around her... 📸 New young talent: @photographerpenelope 💡 #ownworld #takeoff #faraway #playingroles #creativemind #creationofmood #opposite #effects #peckhamlevels #norulesinthisworld #ourselfs #upsidedownthought #ysagb #photographerpenelope #drama_queen #modelvenere #bicycle #stuckedinthemiddle @ofobikes @ofo_global @ofo_uk

New week, new possibilities ✨

hey Fam! how y'all doing?.. coming from one of our finest kmer zik entertainer @ambeofficial..sending out best wishes to us all on this day and days ahead... let's wish him same to... #positive week ahead# #Ambedising #Bamendaboydising# show some love Fam❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ #celebritylifestyle #creativemind #casualstyle #celebritystyle #entertainmentnews #entertainer #enjoythelittlethings #fashionista #fashiongram #musicislife #Music #celebshourtv #Celebrityhourtv #CHTV#

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When the lights start flashing like a photobooth & the stars exploding we'll be fireproof. My Youth is Yours