This is by far one of my favorite murals in Phoenix 🙌🏼 I'm a nerd at heart and a big fan of comic art style. I'm an artist and I enjoying creating my own art through various outlets like photography or sketching. It'd be so cool to be able to paint on such a large scale. Mad props to individuals who can create really amazing street art! Mural by @madmanart

It’s amazing how a picture that could be done in a matter of seconds on a computer could be so #difficult and take so much time while #painting This my #kandinskyesque #acrylic painting for my mother’s house. #shapes #paint #art #azart #technical

hey hey:) im back with another board~ and i decided that the next one i paint is the one i want to start riding;) so stay tuned...

Thank you for the shoutout @voyagephoenixmag - to read visit and see “The Arizona Arts & Culture Weekly Review”

8x10 glow in dark "Llama Funk" canvas ......The Golden Llama is with the Funk #FunkyArt #CanvasArt #AzArt #MyTimeYourArt

The 1st Arizona Variant done as Chandler.....2nd one is done as Phoenix. Feel free to leave any comments. #Chandler #AzArt #480

🚨Rules🚨 - Tag a person in the comments - Tag one person at a time - Each tag is an entry - Winner picked Mon at 8 am . . . This piece is about 5" long. It's made with Jade white tubing, Northstar Butterscotch and Jet Black, Trautman Honey Badger, Origin Bright White. . . and likely something else, I don't remember. It's free.