Ignite Brisbane was fabulous! Did not disappoint. After midnight now and to bed before I turn into a pumpkin. More pics to follow! #ignitebrisbane #motivationalspeaker #astrokeofpoetry

This morning, I awoke to a phone call from England from my mum in law who had stayed up until 10pm to wish me a Happy Birthday. My husband David was still here before he left for work, I’ve just face timed my friend Lisa and her boys and now sat here in the morning sun with Alfie. This poem from my friend Janice was waiting for me to read. I always feel truly blessed with the people in my life. Here or overseas. Whether it’s my birthday or not. Thank you and have a great day. ...........................................Happy birthday to a wonderful friend. A hug, a kiss and a smile I will send. Happy birthday is the word of the day. Oh I miss you, what more do I say. A wonderful inspiring friend that you are. Now celebrate those years with a gin at the bar #itsmybirthday #friendship #blessings #sunshine #wintersun #love #astrokeofpoetry #alfiedog #relaxing

Never give up! No matter how tired, fatigued, frustrated, sad, despondent with your life as it is, you must NEVER GIVE UP! Always follow your dreams, your passion and what feels right. Your determination will reward you when it’s ready. #nevergiveup #strokesurvivor #strokesurvivorsneverquit #fightstroke #trustintheprocess #astrokeofpoetry

I have another Stroke Safe presentation today to the Maroochy Men’s Shed. I love engaging, educating and enlightening anyone and everyone about stroke. A far cry from my life as a Police Officer and PI but I love it! This is definitely my passion. Are you passionate about what you do in your life? #followyourpassion #lifeiswhatyoumakeit #lovemylife #strokesurvivor #strokesafeambassador #astrokeofpoetry

Good morning everyone and another start of the working week. Whatever your goals, intentions, work ahead, please be mindful that there are many not in that positive head space. Be mindful of others. Always. Have a great week. #itsmondayagain #setyourgoals #bemindful #bekindalways #astrokeofpoetry

So..did you take over the world this week? What’s important is that you don’t focus on what you didn’t do, but celebrate the successes of you week, however large or small they may be. Have a wonderful weekend. Shelagh 💙 #celebrate #success #bepositive #enjoylife #astrokeofpoetry

Many stroke survivors, especially young stroke survivors, cannot accept their situation. There are others who cannot accept their life changing position, whether through illness or circumstance and cannot move forward. Please be sure that when you do, there are people out there to support you. You do NOT have to go it alone. StrokeLine no: 1800 787 653. Lifeline: 13 11 44. Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636. #astrokeofpoetry #dontdoitalone #acceptance #lifeline #beyondblue #ruok . #strokesurvivor #strokesurvivorsneverquit #strokesafeambassador #motivationalspeaker

It’s the start of the week. School hols with Patrick. Work to do. Adventures to have. Running again! You can achieve anything this week with a positive mindset. Give it a try! #positivepants #positivity #astrokeofpoetry #getoutdoors #justdoit✔️

PLEASE vote for me!!! I would desperately LOVE to win this competition and share my story, my positivity and give hope to others. Please vote and share away too...everywhere. Forever grateful. Shelagh 💙 #stroke #strokesurvivor #strokesurvivorsneverquit #strokeawareness #astrokeofpoetry #astrokeofinspiration #inspireflix

Woohoo!!! I’m in the Sunday Mail today! B&S pull out section on stress. Enjoy the read. #stroke #strokesurvivor #strokefdn #astrokeofpoetry

Did you all get to Friday without a massive meltdown? Hope so. I’m sure your washing basket will be full of those positive pants ready for the week ahead! For now....if you’re in Queensland, enjoy the glorious sunshine and take time out over this weekend to rest, recuperate and spend time with those who make you feel good. Have a super weekend and don’t forget to check out my article on stress and stroke, in the Sunday Mail bodyandsoul magazine this Sunday, 1 July. Love Shelagh 💙 #itsfriday #positivepants #astrokeofpoetry #strokesurvivor

Home made Thai pumpkin soup for my lunch today. Want to listen to my live interview whilst you’re eating yours? Here it is! #pumpkinsoup #winterwarmer #astrokeofpoetry #facebooklive #astrokeofinspiration #hope #stroke #strokesurvivor #strokesafeambassador #motivationalspeaker

I’ve heard a few “I’m sick of this rain” or “I wish the rain would stop” for the past two days. We need rain. My garden needs rain. My friends who have farms need rain. It’s only rain. Look on the positives. Our cars get a free clean. It’s only rain. Get those positive pants on and enjoy jumping in a few puddles! If you look hard enough you may see a rainbow. #positivepants #astrokeofpoetry #rain #ilovetherain

What do I do after a huge day yesterday? Do another presentation! The lovely ladies at Kawana View Club invited me back from last years @strokefdn stroke safe event. They wanted me to read some poetry and share some of my Police stories and life before and after stroke. Who am I to refuse! Especially when I get a scrummy lunch. Thank you to Terri Hansen for presenting me with a beautiful orchid and the very kind words and book sales from members. You’re all so lovely 💙 #astrokeofpoetry #motivationalspeaker #positivity #hope #kawanaviewclub #viewclubsaustralia #headlandgolfclub

Last night at the Stories of Hope event, I shared my story and some of my daily tips. Being grateful is one of them. I believe if we’ll end our lives through gratefulness, kindness and appreciate what we HAVE got, not what we have not, then the world seems a better place and your heart will be full. At the end of today, dig deep if you have to and I know you will be grateful for something. Have a lovely day 💙 #gratefulness #begrateful #astrokeofpoetry #stories of hope #lovemylife

Thank you to my wonderful friends and husband @davidbrennand99 davidbrennand99 for supporting me at the Stories of Hope event. I love @kezziea and what she represents for others. [email protected] to have bee part of it and despite my fatigue, I enjoyed sharing my story. Thank you to everyone. #togetherisbetter #storiesofhope #astrokeofpoetry #hope #strokesurvivor #motivationalspeaker

If you don’t have hope...what do you have? Please join me and Matt Adamson at the Sands Tavern, Maroochydore this evening at 7pm for Stories of Hope. We hope to give everyone hope as we share our stories at this FREE event, organised monthly by @kezziea. Thank you. Shelagh 💙 #hope #storiesofhope #lovemylife #astrokeofpoetry #motivationalspeaker #strokesurvivor

I’m certainly getting MY happy on today! Today, it was a slow start. David & Patrick left me to sleep. They really are a caring pair. I never heard a peep. Then I went off to the chiro. My monthly check up was today. I knew I needed an adjustment. My body was in disarray. “What have you done, Miss Shelagh?” “Your whole body is out of whack!” “I did some gardening” I said sheepishly. “Maybe I could have strained my back?” So, he did his stuff with that gun of his, and he adjusted my neck and back. I need to rest my body for the next two days, to keep my body on track. That means no gym or HIIT class, and no more Circuit or those ropes. Perhaps I will stick to walking with my furry kids in tow. I’ve also been to see the Physio. It’s been 14 weeks since I fell. Today was the last appointment! Yay!, and my foot has healed real well. It may just take a few weeks ‘til I’m running like before, BUT ‘gentle jogging’ I can do, so to my run buddy Lisa..let’s go!!!! For all those caring friends out there who have given me the best advice to rest my foot - the physio said it had paid off!!! #icanrunagain #missedmyrunningbuddy #lovemychiro #lovemyphysioCandice #gettingmyhappyon #astrokeofpoetry

Who’s got some exciting things on this week? I know that I have! Sharing my story at the Stories of Hope event tomorrow, surrounded by family and friends, will be just wonderful. Knowing I’m helping others with what I do is just the best job anyone could have. Do something that makes you feel good this week..whatever that may be! Have a truly wonderful week everyone. #lovemylife #lovewhereilive #storiesofhope #strokesafeambassador #motivationalspeaker #astrokeofpoetry