I’m over here just trying to put a little pep in my #Monday , how is your day going? 🐷 #BlueTheTwerkingPig 🤣 #BlueThePig

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Don’t know bout you, but today was wayyy to hot for us ☀️🤯

Marmalade is about to touch me, isn’t she? #ugh.

My cuddle bunny 🐰

Currently missing my little angel❤️ Bella.

👼🏼October 12th, 2016 - July 15th, 2018 👼🏼 - Jalapeño passed away yesterday in his sleep. I went to clean his cage and found him laying outside of his hideout. I was completely shocked. He was only 18 months old. I couldn't believe it. I'm completely devastated. 💔 - Peño was one of the best hamsters I've ever had. He was so gently. Wouldn't hurt anyone or anything. He was such a sweetheart. Loved everyone that he met. He was always happy to see me. Always wanted to be picked up and cuddled. He was so patient. Even when kids held him, he didn't make a fuss. When I held him for pictures, he just let me do my thing. He was the best hamster anyone could ask for and I can't believe he's gone. 💔 - My hamsters are therapeutic for me. They have always helped me with my mental illness. Peño was always there for me when I needed someone. He was always there to comfort me. He was always there to make me laugh or make me smile. He was this ball of joy that would always make me feel better. No matter the situation and I lost all that yesterday. I lost a friend. I lost the comfort he brought to my life. I lost the happiness, the joy he brought to my life. He might have been small but what he did for me was so important and I'm completely heartbroken without him. 💔 - Rest In Paradise Peño You were da bestest boy any hamster mom could ask for and I'll never forget you, my prince. 👑💙 - #jalapeñotheham #strongbrewhams #syrianhamster #animalsco #hamstergram #weeklyfluff #fluffy #hamstersoninstagram #animales #active #pets_of_instagram #animalsofinstagram #animalsarebetterthanpeople #petsofinstagram #hamstermom #hamstersofinstagram #animales #furbaby #crazyhamsterlady #instapet #hamstersmatter #petscorner #adoptdontshop #animaladdicts #petsagram #furryfriend #rodent #hamsterlove

Gute essen: 건조곤충, 개미 번데기를 꿀에 숙성시킨 자연식품 (햄스터도 급여가능) Bugs style: 밀웜 + 귀뚜라미 딱 한번 급여해본 거라 양은 별로 안 줄었고 유통기한 19년 8월이고 착불 1만 원에 판매해용~ 소정의 선물도 같이 보내드려용 💕