I really adore how passionate Ashton is about music. If you check out interviews and stuff you'll notice how his eyes light up when he starts talking about music. It's people like him I look up to when it comes to music. And if you haven't you should definitely check his Spotify playlist. The music this guy listens to ranges from George Michael to Radiohead, and from Green Day to Led Zeppelin. He is the reason I recently started listening to groups like Sum 41, Talking heads, cage the elephant. A music genius to me. #ashtonirwin #5sos #5secondofsummer #punkrock #music #blackandwhite

Yo 24/7 desde que tengo memoria #youngblood #5secondofsummer @5sos @lukehemmings @calumhood @ashtonirwin @michaelclifford

The lyrics from Youngblood are EVERYTHING honestly, they’re so beautiful, honest, deep and really match their vibe❤️😍 #5secondofsummer #youngblood #5sos

Little work in progress of @lukehemmings too, just to let you know I am still working on drawings 😂 Why shouldn't I? (started yesterday)

Some little sketches of @lukehemmings

"I love the Light in your Eyes and the Dark in your Heart" #Valentine #5sos

Do you have a least favorite song in youngblood? Me: For the first time I don’t

Updates: 5SOS on Instagram! Caption: TRACK 7 // IF WALLS COULD TALK // OUT NOW #5secondofsummer #ifwallscouldtalk #youngblood #lukehemmings #calumhood #michaelclifford #ashtonirwin @5sos